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I'm Erin

I'm here to partner with you as you invest in the most critical resource, your people. Getting this right is where the magic lies. I know how to manage talent to catapult your company or team's success.​

With a background in HR and successful experience working with PE/VC backed growth companies in a variety of industries, I'm here to walk alongside you through whatever you are facing.

What Leaders Say

"Erin was extremely valuable and instrumental in our team, buying and merging three companies into one operational organization."

Jay F, COO

"Erin's StrengthsFinder coaching has improved our team's engagement, boosted morale, and strengthened all of our working relationships."

Mandy Q, VP

"Erin led her StrengthsFinders coaching session and it was one of the most profound experiences of my professional career."

Chad N, Individual Contributor

Industry Experience

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Team Development

Highly engaged teams have higher productivity, less unplanned PTO, lower turnover, and even show better results in customer feedback surveys. The mechanics behind "engagement" are simple in theory, but are made complex by team dynamics, politics, or even fear. I work with you and your leaders in a strengths-based approach to build trust and uncover the real issues quickly - then build a plan to move the org towards accelerated growth through effective leadership basics, structural recommendations, and a sustainable rhythm of setting expectations, driving accountability, and identifying any missing resources. Over a period of six months to a year with weekly check-ins, you'll see major changes in the quality of your team.

Manager Development

Managers of IC's are often the most critical resource in an organization, but a group most often left without any development. Through a combination of up-front assessment and our virtual platform "Manager Material" which allows for a personalized approach to filling gaps in managers' approach to their teams, we will not only drive near term improvement in team morale and engagement, but build a bench for future leaders as you grow, with rich manager profiles and insights for you to lean on.

Sr. Leader Development

When you've invested heavily in a leader but they need more development to really step into the role you intended for them, my mentorship-based approach over a minimum of 6 months is a perfect fit. We begin with a strengths assessment of both the leader and their directs that serves as the basis for communication, solving conflict and identifying any blindspots. A customized plan is created with weekly 1x1's for at least the first 60 days, and frequent updates with their leadership or HR.

Navigating Change

Whether acquisition or merger related, a shift in strategy, or as a result of recent market developments - navigating organizational change while maintaining your best people can be incredibly difficult. I work with you and your leadership to identify the critical pieces and build a plan to navigate the change - allowing you to shift and get focused on growth fast.

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